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8 field trials of 12 vegetative materials in Eastern Catalonia

The aim of this experience is to have a better knowledge about the ecologic requirements of different valuable broadleaved species, regarding climate, soil, altitude, etc. This will help the choice of appropriate vegetative materials at each site.

During February and March 2010 we established 8 field trials or "micro-plantations" at the Eastern part of Catalonia, each one hosting 12 valuable broadleaves vegetative material. The map shows the location of every plantation. For further information, please click on each point.

The vegetative materials that have been planted are:

Common name

Latin name

Provenance / variety

Field maple

Acer campestre

Macizo pirenaico

Sycamopre maple

Acer pseudoplatanus

Prepirineo E-576-09


Celtis australis

Sistema Ibérico

Narrow-leaved ash

Fraxinus angustifolia

Ribera media del Ebro


Fraxinus excelsior

Macizo Pirenaico


Juglans regia

Clone Po-6 (IRTA)


Juglans regia

Clone SB-13 (IRTA)

Hybrid walnut

Juglans x intermedia


Wild cherry

Prunus avium

Macizo Pirenaico

Pear tree

Pyrus communis

Sistema Ibérico

Service tree

Sorbus domestica

Sistema Ibérico

Wild service tree

Sorbus torminalis

Sistema Ibérico

Ripollés Garrotxa Gironés alt Empordà Maresme Vallés Oriental Vallés Oriental (2) Osona